History of B+S MULTIDATA

Technological leadership and customer orientation have been responsible for our success. Below the milestones of our developments:

201735 years of B+S MULTIDATA
2016Introduction of the decentralized battery buffering xDS-P in sub-systems MDS and EDS
2014Closing of a framework contract with a major commercial vehicle manufacturer
2012 30 years of B+S MULTIDATA
2011 Introduction of the sub-systems in X-form factor for doubling the number of channels per sub-system
Introduction of the universal module UNI with 16 channels
2010 Introduction of the new universal module UNI with 8 channels
2009 Introduction of the enhanced strain gage module STG with digital filters and higher sampling rate
2007 25 years of B+S MULTIDATA
2004 Strategic opening of the B+S INTEGRA platform for software packages like MATLAB, DASYLab and µ-LAB
Development of the new high speed STG module
2003 ME5 software version 2.0 - data acquisition under Windows XP
Restructuring and foundation of BS² MULTIDATA GmbH
2002 Introduction of the windows-based software ME5 version 1.0
20 years of B+S MULTIDATA
1999 Development of a whole range of modules for the INTEGRA system family (ANA-ISO, ICP®, MICP, LVDT, ...)
Introduction of the M3 INTEGRA system - mobile, modular extendable pc-based data acquisition system with 100s of analog and 1000s of digital channels
1997 First M3 system, the predecessor of the INTEGRA system with Pentium processor; modular design
1996 MULTIDATA I-F and MULTIDATA I-F SIG - miniature data acquisition systems for PC connection, 8 analogue channels
1995 Development of extension systems EDS (Extended Docking Station) for the M II-family
1993 Introduction of the industrial notebook based family MULTIDATA II-F/I; all aluminum housing, extended module concept, counter and thermocouple modules, 32 channels and 250 kHz
1992 Introduction of notebook based systems MULTIDATA II-F/N, using the docking station principle with detachable computers, 32 channels and 250 kHz
First sales activities in the US and Asia
10 years of B+S MULTIDATA
1991 MULTIDATA IV-2/F - measurement systems for lab applications resp. mobile applications; 5 resp. 10 slots for measurement cards (analogue, thermo and STG signals)
1990 First sales activities in France, followed by other European countries
1987 M II-F/T12 - first PC-based data acquisiton system based on a Toshiba laptop with 8 channels
1985 MULTIDATA III-F - data acquisition system with electroluminiscent flat screen, developed for field applications of slow signals and transient events
1984 First B+S data acquisition system MULTIDATA III with MC 68000 processor, 32 analog channels and 2 MB dynamic RAM for laboratory applications of slow signals and transient events
1982 Foundation of B+S Software & Messtechnik GmbH by physicist Dr. R. Badman and electrical engineer H. Schwanke